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What Is FL Studio?

Just starting up? This video will introduce you to what’s all needed to make beats

What Is FL Studio?

Some call it Fruity Loops still, others FL Studio. The new name for it is FL studio, I think the main reason is because of the cereal Fruit Loops :P. There is a website out there telling us not to get confused with Kellogg’s cereal “Fruity Loops”. So the website is now under http://www.flstudio.com, or image-line.com.

But what actually is Fruity Loops?

Fruity Loops is a program to help you create music. Most people use FL Studio for beats. Rap beats, techno beats, dance beats, any kind of “beat”. But you can also use FL Studio in a different way than beats. You can record your guitar or saxophone into Fruity Loops by either recording with a Microphone, or plugging it directly into your computer through an audio interface, and then edit/mix it after. But the real name for any kind of program that helps you create music like this is called a DAW. Which stands for a Digital Audio Workstation.

So before we go any further I’ll just let you know of a deal that Fruity Loops offers. So since I’ve owned FL Studio for over 6 months, I am now able to become an Affiliate. Which means that if you buy Fruity Loops/FL Studio by clicking the picture below, you save 10% and I make a portion off of what you buy. So it really is a win win situation. I would recommend buying the FL Studio Signature bundle, you definitely get “THE MOST” out of FL Studio with the Signature bundle and you save a lot of money.

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Alright, let’s get started!

So there are so many areas in FL Studio.. I’ve heard a comparison from a buddy that FL Studio today, is like a recording studio like 10 years ago. It has everything you need in the program. Obviously you are going to need a microphone if you want to record vocals and speakers etc. But besides buying the whole getting a “mixer” and getting everything a recording studio has, you can do it all inside FL Studio!

When you first start out, there will be a huge learning curve, this goes for all of the DAWs – a Digital Audio Workstation. (The program where you create your music). But after practice and perseverance you will overcome the learning curve and be able to be creative!

Now the most basic part of Fruity Loops is called the “Step Sequencer“. This is where you create your beats, from your kick and claps, all the way to your piano and bass. Watch the video below to see what I’m talkin’ about.

So that is “The most basic part” of FL Studio. Watching a video is always nicer to learn than reading it for yourself. So after the step sequencer, you then start making your beat. And you do this by making different parts of the songs (patterns) and then placing them in the “playlist” where you arrange your song. So if you want your beginning to have just kicks and claps, or just the piano, then build up, this is where you do this. It is called the “Playlist“. Watch the video below once again to see what I’m talkin’ about!

Alright, so creating your song is just the beginning! Cause after you create the beat, you are going to need either someone to sing/rap over it, or you are going to want to mix it so you make the song sound “cleaner”, you can also add effects into your song to have a nice intro, or to bring in the chorus nicely. When it comes to bringing in the chorus and intros, the usual way to do it is with a snare roll lol, but always be creative looking for new ways of doing things. But to make the song sound how you want it to sound, you are going to have to mix your song! Now you do this in the mixer by hitting F9, or one of the buttons up top. (F9 is the easiest ;))

So all that information above is just the basics on how to use FL Studio. Now it’s all up to you to be creative, to use your sounds and effects to the fullest.

What Else Do I Need to Get Started Making Beats?

One thing that helps create better beats, is better sounds. Check out SoundPackFlyer.com.

You can also read this blog post on How to Get Started Making Beats.

Check out more tutorials by Beatstruggles! Or, visit Beatstruggles on youtube !

I hope you have found this information helpful!

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