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If you’re looking for private FL Studio lessons, GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer who offers private beatmaking lessons, in addition to his membership for all FL Studio Courses.

This is a great way to with an Online FL Studio Tutor.

Do I Need a FL Studio Lesson?

The best way to learn FL Studio is watching some FL Studio Tutorials first, then book you beatmaking lesson with questions written down BEFORE you come to the FL Studio lesson.

This way, you’ve seen the FL Studio DAW software, but are just struggling to get to the next stage of music production. That’s where you will see real results because you’ve already tried making beats.. but now I can answer more direct questions based off your experience!

Who is GratuiTous (FL Studio Trainer & Online Lessons)

Recognized FL Studio Trainer - GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, who’s been teaching FL Studio since 2011!

He runs a dedicated beatmaker training platform with over 34 FL Studio courses inside.

He also writes FL Studio Books, hosts a Music Production Podcast about FL Studio, has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist, and has lots of his own music.

GratuiTous really enjoys teaching professional music production education, and has helped over 50,000+ students learn FL Studio.. he has really good student reviews.

Booking a private FL Studio Lesson allows you to get premium beatmaking training with straight to the point education.

What Can I Ask in the Music Production Lesson?

You can ask ANYTHING about music production, making beats, producer workflow, and how to get started in the music production industry.

Lessons are 1 hour.. and it’s best to write down your music production questions so I can answer them as fast as possible.

My strong skills are in melodies, drum loops and creating custom beats.. I like to be organized and see many students enter my music production course platform unorganized..

My goal is to guide you step-by-step for you to be organized, save money, and get high-quality beatmaking equipment so you can learn to make beats with FL Studio in a fun way with results.

Do I Have to Use FL Studio for the Lesson?

No! If you just want to learn how to make beats, then booking a private beatmaking lesson will give you a similar experience..

This is because learning to make beats isn’t so much about learning your music program, but learning secret beatmaking techniques such as programming custom drum loops and powerful melodies.

Making beats is not like making other types of music.. beatmaking skills require the knowledge of simple and effective sound placement.

I had one person book a lesson who used Apple Logic, but wanted to switch to FL Studio..

I asked them, “Why do you want to switch”.. they replied “Because FL Studio is really popular”..

I then asked, “How do you make beats?”.. they replied they record a lot..

I explained switching to FL Studio would not be the best option for them because FL Studio is AWESOME for making beats with MIDI and one-shot drum samples.. but it’s not the best for lots of audio recordings as it’s hard to edit with volume automation..

That student received an eye-opening response for me..

They thought they were going to have to learn a new music program.. and start spending lots of money and time learning this new DAW..

But understand, it’s all about WORKFLOW when making beats..

If you are spinning your wheels, and don’t know how to move forward with making beats.. then try booking a lesson and experience real results to learn how to make professional beats (no matter what DAW you use!):

How to Book a Lesson to Learn FL Studio Beatmaking?

FL Studio Lessons - 1-ON-1 Private Video Beatmaking Lessons

You can find all details about booking a FL Studio Lesson with GratuiTous on the product page: