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Piano Roll

What is FL Studio - DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
Getting Started

What Is FL Studio?

I think FL Studio is the BEST DAW for making beats in terms of price and workflow. It specializes in MIDI and its Piano Roll is AWESOME to use. It is music production software that beatmakers use to create beats through MIDI or recording audio.


How to Copy and Paste in FL Studio 20 – The Right Way

Learn how to copy and paste notes in FL Studio inside the Step Sequencer, Piano Roll, and with MIDI Notes. Also, copying effects between mixer channels, and copying and pasting values on automation clips.

optimize fl studio custom workflow

Setting Up FL Studio for Optimum Workflow


Ghost Notes in FL Studio


Editing Notes in the Piano Roll


Don’t Forget About Velocity [In Your Loops!]


Edit Beginning and End of MIDI Note in Piano Roll

Edit both ends of a midi note in FL Studio’s piano roll with CTRL + ALT + HOME

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