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FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course

Great once you already have an idea of how to make a beat inside FL Studio.

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This course is LASER-FOCUSED to intermediate FL Studio producers.

Producers who already know how to make beats, but struggle with mixing, arrangement, and mastering.

A lot has changed in recent years of music production in terms of the loudness wars, loudness normalization (LUFS), and the information needed to produce high-quality music with BEST PRACTICES.

If you’re tired of seeking for information which never has all the details about all aspects to prepare a song for commercial release, you have landed on the right page.

This is an in-depth music production course covering everything that’s required to know about creating high-quality music, and music that competes with your favorite artists/producers.

FL Studio Intermediate Course contains TONS of hidden tidbits; the information you’re wanting to know, but can never find within tutorials or forums.

Everything you need to know is right here in this course.

Feel free to check out the course curriculum.

We cover everything from:

  • Gain staging + Overall Balance (and debunking some common myths with gain staging)
  • How and when to use EQ and Compression (also when NOT to use EQ/Compression)
  • Mixing this track from beginning to end!
  • Setting up Subgroups + Sends for a quick workflow, while taking advantage of parallel routing
  • Building Out the Song Structure  (We actually arrange the beat, talk about different approaches, and introduce you to a term GratuiTous has coined over the years called Audio Painting™.)
  • Mastering:  Preparing Your Track for the World!  (What’s the goal of mastering, understanding the loudness wars/loudness normalization (LUFS), my personal mastering chain and mastering plugins which will achieve your desired result of that commercial sound!)
  • How to properly export your song to get the best quality in FL Studio
  • Staying organized for the long-term as a music producer

This course will truly be the tipping point for those of you who have been producing for 3-4 years and are ready to understand what it takes to prepare your tracks as a commercial release.

Who is the course instructor, and what authority does he have?

GratuiTous is your instructor.

He has released 8 professional beat tapes on Spotify, is the host of the podcast ‘Music Production Made Simple’, and has created over 18 premium FL Studio courses.  He has also worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist.

Enroll into this course to learn how to release music that is ready to compete at a commercial level.

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FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course


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