We've Only Just Met - Album by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

Because of Your Blood Jesus

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Because of Your Blood Jesus, You have come to free us!

Verse 1:
Why can’t I over come, (Why Can’t I do it?)
Overcome this sin as if there’s nothing to it,
You know it pulls me in every time I sin,
But through your love I am born again (AGAIN),
My sins are gone, further than my eyes can see,
The scriptures say they’re in the depths of the sea,
Because of Your Blood You have made us clean,
Because of the nails, you have set us free!

Because of Your Blood Jesus, You have come to free us! (x2)

Verse 2:
We all have wronged and we all have failed,
All have sinned and allowed our flesh to prevail,
But it’s okay cause the Lord forgives, cause through His Blood we have life again,
If you believe the story on the cross, the good news of Christ redeeming the lost,
Have received His life and are born again,
You have his power to be free from sin!
Be free from addictions, I rebuke your pain in Jesus name,
Be set free from all this worldy shame,
All your insecurities, and your weaknesses,
When we are weak, He says that He is strong,
Put your guard down and praise the Lord,
This life is to short to be living it poor,
I’m not talking money I mean spiritually poor,
Put your pride down and receive the Lord!

Because of Your Blood Jesus, You have come to free us! (x2)

Verse 3:
I’m sick of my old life and the way I was,
My thoughts haunt my mind with all the wrongs I’ve done,
I know by myself that I can’t overcome,
That’s why I look to Him who forgives my sin,
Once He comes in, He will set you free,
From the evil within and He will make you clean,
You will no longer have to be controlled by sin,
Making you want to share this gift

Because of Your Blood Jesus, You have come to free us!

You know man, like straight up, I used to live a life of sin fulfilling the lusts of what ever my mind could think of.
I wasted countless hours playing video games, smoking weed, hurting people, breaking girls hearts, and living a life that lead absolutely no where.
Jesus has now opened my eyes to the life that I was living, and evil that came along with it. His Blood that He shed for my sin has made me righteous in eyes and there is no turning back ever. I will no long allow the ways of this world to control me ever again in Jesus’ name.
I just encourage you guys to receive the Lord’s love right now, cause the people who knew me, knew who I used to be. So what do you guys have to lose besides your sin, cause everyone drinks and parties. You know like, I used to smoke more weed than half the people I knew, so if Christ can change me and use me to reach others, imagine how God can use you if you let Him.
Cause like, we all have problems that relate, but we hide them. You know like, these are the kind of problems that Jesus wants to use to make you strong so then you can go and strengthen others to give them hope.
All I know is before, my life before was leading no where. Christ stepped in and I am now a new person. The old Riley is dead, and Christ lives within me, and now there is no turning back ever.

Because of Your Blood Jesus, You have come to free us! (x2)

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