The Light to My Dark - Album by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

I Hope You Know the Lord

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I Hope You Know the Lord

Album: The Light to My Dark

This is God,
The most Holy you can get,
Above the nations, above our rulers,
The King of Kings, who lives for ever,
The One who knows of your sitting and rising

Verse 1:
I hope you know the Lord, Cause It’s Him I live for,
He opens the doors and makes the blind to see,
(Have you ever heard of a God that wants to be your friend, a God that will stick with you till the very end?)

Waahaaa Bible thumper!
If you say that God is your Friend.. and He sticks with you until the end,
I wanna see some proof!
Where’s the proof at?
Let’s see the proof!

Verse 1 (Continued):
Well sir, my answer would be, to look and out and you will see,
the mountains and the rain, the flowers and the bunnies,
the bees that make the honey,
Now sir, if I may, what would you say,
If I asked you to grow an inch, or make the rocks into water,
You can’t, cause He’s the clay and we’re the potter.

Okay, I guess that make sense, Where else would we come from,
But what about these laws, I take good care of myself,
I pay my bills and rent and stuff, I give the government every cent,
So who does this God think He is?

This is God,
The most Holy you can get,
Above the nations, above our rulers,
The King of Kings, who lives for ever,
The One who knows of your sitting and rising

Verse 2:
Well first, I know your ignorant to your words,
But I’m warning you to be careful with your words,
Even though this God wants to be your friend, He doesn’t get pushed around
(He is Jealous for His name)
He knows all our little secrets, so why not just confess,
This is a God, who pulls you out of your mess,
The only God there is, the rest are statues made by man,
He is the only God that can save, and He’s paved us a way,
The only way to heaven is through His son,
Jesus on the cross who took the nails to His palms,
Dying on the cross for our sins,
Sacrificing His life, that we can live.

Talking Pt. 2:
Okay, okay, you’ve got me beat,
But I got one last question,
If God created us, then who created God?
Did He really create this all this Himself in the six days it took to create that it says in the Bible?
This is all pretty mind boggling stuff, but my life is in pretty deep,
And I’ve done pretty wrong so..
I pray God in heaven that you forgive my sins,
I want to receive Jesus, what He did on the cross that I can live.

But you know.. I still gotta talk to you about my money!
This guys been telling me about in the book of Malachi, you know in the Bible,
That it says to give 10% on everything you make!
But you know.. so let’s say I make $100 Lord!
So what If I wanted to give the full hundred?
I could have the excuse of.. “Well, you only said to give 10%!”
But I want to be a true giver, I want to give from my heart,
So.. you know.. I’ll give the full hundred! 😉

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