I have an very interesting topic to talk about this episode.. which is Should You Sell Your Old Music Production Equipment?

Many times we sell old equipment to make some money back to purchase new equipment, which helps offset the cost.

While in the short-term this is very helpful financially, in the long-run, it can actually be annoying, and takes away from your story as a producer.

Also.. if any equipment fails, you may not be able to produce music, and you’d have to wait for that equipment to either be fixed through warranty, or purchase a new product!

If you keep your old equipment, you’ll have zero down-time while your current equipment is being fixed!

There’s also a couple other reasons to not sell your music gear:

  • Old music gear is many times built better (stronger, longer lasting)
  • Old music gear sometimes has special features (which they remove on new generations!)
  • You can have zero down-time if any equipment fails!

What’s This About Your Producer Story?

Have you ever watched a producer interview where they walk through their studio and talk about the various equipment they used in the past, or music production equipment they started with?

What if you “made it big” and were interviewed!

Having your old speakers, MIDI Keyboards, and microphones would make for amazing conversation pieces about your producer story!

What do you think? Do you always sell your music production equipment?