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Latest Reference Monitor Speakers

beat making equipment to make beats

Beat Making Equipment Needed to Make Beats

What beatmaking equipment is needed to make radio ready hits? Speakers, microphones, audio interfaces, midi keyboards, etc.

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best reference monitor speakers

Best Studio Reference Monitors for Music Production

I cover what the best studio reference monitors are for the new home studio producer. Learn about active vs. passive, speaker woofer size, as well as brands and frequency response.

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What Are Reference Monitor Speakers?

Choosing the Best Reference Monitor Speaker for Beats, When choosing your first pair of reference monitor speakers for your home studio, you’re never quite sure …

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Moving on from the M-Audio Bx5a Deluxe Speakers!

So I finally invested in some higher quality speakers. Don’t get me wrong the Bx5a Deluxe speakers were great at the time, but they are …

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