Today we cover how to install FL Studio MIDI Scripts.

If you use the M-Audio Oxygen Pro, download my M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

Before proceeding, here’s a quick overview of MIDI Scripts in FL Studio, as MIDI Scripting was added in FL Studio 20.7.

Not every MIDI Controller requires a FL Studio MIDI Script. They are for either fixing an issue, or giving a better user experience.

MIDI Scripts are written in the Python Programming Language, and MIDI Script Installation in FL Studio is very easy. You simply load the file into a folder, and within FL Studio you apply it onto a MIDI Controller. Your settings are not permanent, giving tons of flexibility, and new MIDI Scripting features for developers are being added with almost every new release!

There’s many FREE FL Studio MIDI Scripts, or you can write your own! Here’s my MIDI Scripts.

This video shares how to install FL Studio MIDI Scripts.

(This video was for my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review)

See my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review for FL Studio.

FL Studio MIDI Script Location:

FL Studio stores MIDI Scripts in Documents:

Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware

FL Studio MIDI Script Installation Process:

Since a MIDI Script is a python script, it ends with .py

A MIDI Script must also have device_ at the beginning of the file.

Lastly, a MIDI Script must be in a folder, THEN added to Hardware:

Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware\FOLDER

Here’s an example of my Oxygen Pro MIDI Script:

The full folder path would look something like this:

Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware\M-Audio-Oxygen-Pro\

With the file loaded into Hardware, now open FL Studio.

We now have to select the MIDI Script onto our MIDI Controller.

Load FL Studio MIDI Script onto MIDI Controller

  1. Open FL Studio, go to Settings (F10)
  2. Under Input, select your MIDI Device, make sure it’s enabled.
  3. Select Controller type, and your custom script is under “Scripts” (far right column):
Load Custom MIDI Scripts in FL Studio - Controller Type Location
FL Studio MIDI Script Location

And that should be it!

Your MIDI Script is Installed in FL Studio!

How to Debug FL Studio MIDI Script

Here’s some debugging tips for FL Studio MIDI Scripts.

There’s two ways to debug MIDI Scripts in FL Studio:

  1. In FL Studio Settings (F10), click the debug tab
  2. View -> Script Output, you’ll see your script tab to debug!

Conclusion: Add a MIDI Script in FL Studio

So that’s how you load FL Studio MIDI Scripts!

You may find my M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script interesting.

For more info, view Image-Line’s MIDI Scripting Manual.