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How to Install a MIDI Script in FL Studio

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - LEFT CLOSE

Are you wondering where to install a MIDI Script in FL Studio?

First, you have to make sure you are using FL Studio 20.7 or above.. as that’s that first version MIDI Scripting was added!

Here is a video explaining how to install a MIDI Script in FL Studio.. I created this video for my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review, where I wrote a FREE MIDI Script for that keyboard. Download the script and watch the review here.

See my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review for FL Studio.

MIDI Script Folder Path FL Studio

For Windows or Mac, the MIDI Script location is in Documents.

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware

You can also view Image-Line’s manual on MIDI Scripting..

Inside the Hardware folder, create a new folder named the device’s name (for best practices). Now, drop the .py file (which is a Python script) into this newly created folder.

Here’s the full folder path.. notice the .py script has “device_” WITH THE UNDERSCORE _ !!

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware\OXYGENPRO49\device_oxygenpro49.py

That’s How You Add a MIDI Script in FL Studio!

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re looking for an awesome MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio, see my M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard Review!

There’s a FREE MIDI Script I wrote for it which makes it work good in FL Studio, plus, I created an add-on template for the Oxygen Pro, which will improve your experience (but not necessary).

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