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FL Studio Starter Kit by GratuiTous (FREE FL Studio Project .flp)

[FREE] FL Studio Starter Kit v3

Download my FREE FL Studio Starter Kit v3. It contains a completed FL Studio project of mine where I used only a single guitar note for all the melodies, plus a bonus book of mine!

How to Fix Duplicate Images in Plugin Database

Remove duplicate images from the Plugin Database in FL Studio. Use the Command Line to Automatically Hide all duplicate images in FL Studio.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro – 5 Part Video Series

M-Audio Oxygen Pro GETTING STARTED – 5 Part Series by GratuiTous. Learn how to use a MIDI Keyboard, and properly set it up in FL Studio!

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - LEFT CLOSE

How to Install a MIDI Script in FL Studio

Learn how to install a MIDI Script into FL Studio to set up any MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Device for custom MIDI Mapping in FL Studio!

SPARE STATE in FL Studio Plugins [FL Wrapper]

Use Store in SPARE STATE in FL Studio when using plugins like compressors and EQs to make better mixing decisions. It allows A/B Comparison to switch BEFORE and AFTER.

How to Select Plugins as a Producer

How to Select the Right Plugins as a Producer

Choosing the right sounds and plugins as a producer makes all the difference.. make sure you select the right ones.

Does FL Studio Work on Mac?

Yes, FL Studio is available for Mac. When you buy FL Studio, you receive a license to both Windows and Mac Versions! Learn more about FL Studio Mac Version.

FL Studio Menu Favorites (Favorites Section in file Explorer)

Learn how to set up Menu Favorites in FL Studio to quickly select your commonly used folders.

How to Enable 2FA – FL Studio Image-Line Account (Two Factor Authentication)

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Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
S3E1 – Digital Spring Cleaning

The first episode of Season 3 talks about how to spring clean your digital life to be efficient for the long-term as a music producer in the online world.

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