Today I reveal a powerful FL Studio feature called FL Studio Menu Favorites.

It allows quick access to commonly used folders, like my BEAT TAPES folder.

I was testing out a new recording area.. let me know what you think!

FL Studio Menu Favorites (How to Use)

This feature is available when you select File -> Open, or File -> Save as. This will open Window’s File Explorer popup, and right beside Open or Save, you will see the Favorites ▼ option (with a downward caret!).

FL Studio Menu Favorites in Windows Explorer Pop-Up Window
The yellow arrow is pointing at the Menu Favorites feature!

When you click Favorites ▼, there is an option to select Add this folder to favorites.

First open the folder you want, then select Add this folder to favorites !
As you can see, I have MUSIC PRODUCTION which is my custom music production folder!

This will add any folder you currently are inside, and will be added as a quick-select option the next time you click the Favorites ▼ drop down!

It’s that easy!

This allows you to quickly navigate to your commonly used folders so the next time you go to work inside FL Studio, the folder is right there for you to select! (Very important for a fast workflow, right!)

Adding Favorite Folders to FL Studio’s File Explorer Pop-Up

Here’s a step-by-step example with pictures if you’d like to read below.

So how it works is let’s say I wanted to add my BEAT TAPES folder into this favorites section.

I’d first go to my BEAT TAPES folder. Once inside, simply click Add this folder to favorites inside the Favorites ▼ drop down in the File Explorer pop-up window!

As you can see, I now have my beat tapes and music production folder easily accessible!:

The yellow arrow shows Beat Tapes is now added to my Menu Favorites!
Notice the the RED BOX.. we’ll talk about that to finish off this help guide.

So that’s how you add your commonly visited folders to this favorite feature to improve your workflow with your music production files inside FL Studio!

Think about this carefully, beforehand, so you set yourself up for success in your workflow!

How to Remove a Folder from FL Studio Menu Favorite

If you have removed a folder, and can’t figure out how to delete it from this Favorites ▼ drop-down, I cover that in this section.

I’ll first walk you though how to remove a folder from Favorites ▼ the proper way, then share how to remove a folder if you’ve already deleted it, and can’t figure out how to remove it!

You remove a folder from FL Studio’s Menu Favorites the exact same way when you added it. First navigate to that folder. If you’ve already added it as a favorite, then Add this folder to favorites will switch to Remove this folder from favorites. (See that RED BOX from the image above!)

Make sure to remove a folder from your favorites BEFORE you delete it like you normally would by using right-click and selecting delete, because if you delete the folder, but do not remove it from your favorites, it will be stuck in your favorites, and when you try to click it, it will not direct you anywhere!

Notice how the RED BOX in this image shows a file path, whereas the other folders just have their folder name!

As you can see, I created a folder named TEST on my Desktop.

I added TEST to my Favorites ▼ section, but then deleted this TEST folder, without removing it from Favorites ▼. Now this TEST folder is stuck in this Menu Favorites drop-down, with the folder’s old path, rather than just the folder name, like MUSIC PRODUCTION and Beat Tapes are!

So the first solution is to DELETE the folder from Favorites ▼ before deleting the folder as you normally would. (Right-clicking to delete, or hitting Del on your keyboard.)

Removing a Folder in FL Studio’s Menu Favorites that was Previously Deleted.

If you’ve already deleted the folder, and it’s still in your Favorites ▼, then simply re-create that folder with the exact same title in the exact same location it was originally favorited in! (Keep capitalization the same!)

Now that you’ve re-created the folder, you’ll now be able to enter that folder through the shortcut, and you can now remove it from your Menu Favorites, and you’re all organized and good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this article write-up and video.

If you’d like to learn how to create your own custom music production folder, then please see my music folder course. (Highly recommended for serious producers wanting to work organized.)

Additionally, my FL Studio Beginner’s Book has been a helpful guide to many FL Studio producer’s as well.

Their manual is a bit dated with their image, but this article should be all you need to know, it’s a pretty simply concept! You can read about this feature inside their manual at Menu Favorites!