Does FL Studio Work on Mac?

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Update – FL Studio 20.9 allows for cross support of both Intel VST and AU Plugins while using Apple silicon native mode now! Here’s what the release note says:

Apple Silicon Support enhanced –  Intel VST and AU plugins can be used while running in native Apple Silicon native mode via a process-bridge. 

FL STUDIO 20.9 Release Notes

Should you buy FL Studio if you have a Mac?

In this article I want to discuss if there are any issues with the Mac Installation of FL Studio, and how it compares to the Windows Version.

Does FL Studio work on Apple CPU? (Mac Requirements)
Here is the version of FL Studio I recommend.

The short answer is that yes, FL Studio works on Mac. There are a couple growing pains because the Mac version is new compared to the FL Studio Windows (discussed below), but it works well, is the same program, and the support team is great and actively updating and squashing bugs!

You can also learn what version of FL Studio I recommend to buy.

FL Studio Mac System Requirements

Image-Line’s downloads page says:

macOS: 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or later

And as of FL Studio 20.8.4, it now has Apple Silicon Support..

This screenshot was taken on September 7, 2021.. make sure to double-check the Mac System Requirements for FL Studio when downloading.

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One License for Both Platforms

FL Studio Windows and Mac versions both offer LIFETIME free updates.

When you purchase FL Studio, the license you receive allows you to use both Windows and Mac versions of FL Studio!

Projects Can Be Opened on Windows and Mac

As long as the third-party plugins used inside the project are installed on both computers, there should be no issues opening projects on either Windows or Mac .flp (FL Studio Projects).

(This is for VST versions of your plugins, which I recommend you use. More information on compatibility of plugins below.)

What Are the Current Growing Pains?

Again, FL Studio 20.9 now allows for cross support of both Intel VST and AU Plugins while using Apple silicon native mode!

Recently, Apple introduced a sudden change to their CPU architecture (Apple Silicon Support) to their new models of computers, as they were previously using Intel-based CPUs in previous models.

What this means is there is an issue between code written for the Intel-based CPU and the Apple Silicon CPU.

FL Studio allows you to operate in two modes:

  • OPTION 1: APPLE SILICON NATIVE MODE (Best performance)
  • OPTION 2: ROSETTA 2 INTEL MODE (Most compatible)

If you use a new Apple Silicon CPU, you’ll also have to make sure your plugins also support Apple Silicon CPU..

So for the time being, Image-Line suggests:

Stay with Rosetta 2 FL Studio until all your VSTs are compatible

Image-Line Knowledge Base – Article

All this means is Image-Line has prepared to support Mac for the long-term.. which is awesome as it brings in a bigger community to FL Studio!


I do not own a Mac.. I have just done some quick research via their knowledge base, and compiled it into an easy article. If I have said anything wrong, or confused you, please use the comments below, and I will correct it ASAP!


So yes, FL Studio works on a Mac, and it has prepared for the new Apple Silicon CPU as well!

If you haven’t bought FL Studio yet, you can see what version of FL Studio I recommend.

Also, if you are looking for a beginner’s guide on how to use FL Studio.. try my beginner’s guide!

Again, please use the comments below if you have questions about FL Studio, Mac, or any of my FL Studio training.

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