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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E17 – A Song vs. a Beat vs. a Loop

The hardest part for producers is turning a loop into a beat or a song. You will also learn the difference between a song and a beat in this episode.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E16 – See Results FAST While Learning Music Production

Do you want to know the #1 secret to learn better, not just as a music producer, but as a person FAST? It’s actually TRYING what you’re just watched, read, or have been studying. Learn how to learn music production fast in S2E16 of Music Production Made Simple.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E15 – Getting Comfy + Healthy Work Environment

It’s very important as a music producer to have a comfy environment that allows you to work efficiently, as well as with proper posture. It’s a boring topic to many, until it happens to you. Listen close!

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E14 – Producers NEED Computer Maintenance Skills

Your computer as a music producer is absolutely essential. If it stops working, you stop working!

The main point I wanted to get across in this podcast episode of Music Production Made Simple is if something happened to your computer today… how long would it take to get you back up and running?

Music Business

Supporting Yourself Financially as a Music Producer

Did you know I was an electrician for 10 years here in Canada, while doing music production on the side? Watch this video to learn how you can support yourself financially as a music producer!

Plugin database location for Windows and Mac - FL Studio

Where is FL Studio Plugin database on My Computer?

The FL Studio plugin database is stored within your Documents, which is known as your User Data Folder. This is the same location on both Windows and Mac. (This is where FL Studio allows us to store various aspects like templates, MIDI Scripts, and VST presets.)

FL Studio Browser Plugin database

How to Add a Plugin to FL Studio Plugin Database

Learn how to add a plugin into the FL Studio plugin database.

Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Difference Between Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Effects are mixing and mastering plugins to fix and correct your audio. Generators can be virtual instruments that allow producers to play instruments like pianos, guitars, and such.


How to Add Plugins to a Folder with Subfolders in Plugin Database

Sometimes “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)” doesn’t add a plugin into the Plugin database. Learn the workaround to get the Plugin database all set up and organized!

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