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The New Revamp of itsGratuiTous.com is Launched.

Are you ready to learn FL Studio in a super easy way?! After working on websites for about 10 years, this website gave me confidence …

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How to Make Your Snares Better and Sound Wider

In this tutorial, we discuss how to achieve wider snares. I’ve shared two common ways to achieve a wider snare sound: Stereo Enhancement Plugins Layering …

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Using Compression as a Beatmaker

Compression is probably THE TRICKIEST tool you can use as a producer/musician.

It not only takes time to learn how a compressor works as a tool, but it also takes time to train your ear to know what to listen for.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Automation Clips in FL Studio 20

How to use automation in FL Studio 20. Learn to add automation in FL Studio 20 with the playlist, step sequencer, piano roll, and patterns.

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