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Copy and Paste Values – FL Studio (Automation Clips)

Do I have a helpful tip for you when using automation clips in FL Studio!

It’s called Copy and Paste Values.

This tip allows you to move a lot quicker with your automation clips so you don’t have to keep fighting with your mouse. It’s just as simple as doing copy + paste when typing on a computer!

This gives my workflow a huge time boost, plus is way less stressful from having to fight with your mouse for precision.

So, what’s this trick and how do you do it? – Keep reading below for more info, or watch the video!

Brief Explanation:

For example, if I use a filter to change a sound throughout my track, I will automate it. But I’ll eventually want to remove the filter, and have my sound as I originally intended. (Filters just spice up the track to not make it so boring!)

But bringing back the sound to normal can be hard because it requires fine-tuning with you mouse, so if you just copy + paste the original value into a point after your effect, it makes this all a lot easier!

Okay, so here’s a step by step process:

Step 1,

First figure out what you’re trying to do with this copy and paste feature:

  • Are you going to use it in an automation clip
  • Use it towards another sound’s volume
  • Turn on / off an effect?

So the first step would be to actually create your automation clip, or copy the value of the sound so you can paste it to another sound.

Do that like this:

Notice the arrows: I have shown creating an automation clip as well as how to copy a value.
Notice the arrows: I have shown creating an automation clip as well as how to copy a value.

Step 2,

Now, play your song and adjust your effect until you hear how you like it, and take note of where you liked it! (This is where you’ll want to place the automation point!)

Just right click inside an automation clip to create a point:

Simply right click on the automation clip to create a point!
Right click inside an automation clip to create a point!

After finding the right amount of the effect, and where to place the point, you will want to copy the effect’s knob by right clicking and going down to copy value!

Head over to the point you already created in your automation clip, right click on it, and go to paste value! (At the very bottom of the right-click pop-up menu.)

Right click - > Paste Value (You did it!)
Right click – > Paste Value (You did it!)
For Sounds:
Adjust your volume, right click on the volume knob, and simply click paste into the other sound’s volume knob! And now both sounds knob’s are at the same value.

Just because the sounds have the same volume on the knob does not mean they will be the same volume. Sounds are created differently, and have different frequency content, making some sounds louder than others etc.

Bringing it Back to Original,

And that’s it! – Now if you want your automation clip to go back to how it originally sounded, this is the best part.

Right click the VERY FIRST AUTOMATION POINT of your automation clip, and copy that value.

The beginning point will be the original value of what you had BEFORE you create the automation clip originally.

Now, create a new point after your effect, right click, and paste the original value into it.

You are done! – You have now made an automation clip, made the effect happen, but brought back your sound to its original sound without having to fight with the mouse by clicking + dragging; just copy and paste! 😉

Third Party Plugins

Please watch the video closely when using third-party plugins. I know, they are not fun in FL Studio when it comes to automation clips.

What you want to do is move the knob first, and then head over to:

Tools -> Last Tweaked -> Copy Value.

Remember, you have to move the knob FIRST, then you will be able to copy the value. Then just paste the value into your actual automation clip as normal!

Hope this one helps!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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