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FL Studio

Articles about FL Studio tutorials and tips which cover specific parts of the Image-Line FL Studio software such as how to install FL Studio, what’s the best FL Studio settings, and FL Studio workflow tips.

How to Use the FL Studio Help Manual (Image Hotspots and CTRL + F Quick Search)

How to Use FL Studio Help Manual

How to use the FL Studio Help Manual for the best learning experience. We cover using F1 to access the FL Studio Help Manual, using Image Hotspots, and using CTRL + F to quick search for keywords.

New FL Studio Color Selector Tutorial

Using FL Studio’s New Color Selector [Color Palette]

How to use the new FL Studio Color Selector and Gradient Editor for a fast workflow in FL Studio to organize and color-code your sounds and patterns.

Navigate FL Studio Playlist EASY - FL Studio Tutorial

Navigate FL Studio Playlist EASY

Learn to Navigate the Playlist in FL Studio with these powerful shortcuts to improve your workflow, which also applies to the Piano Roll, too!


How to Unlock FL Studio from Trial Version

How to Unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version by using your Image-Line Account, or a .reg key (registry key file).

FL Studio Recording Settings - Panel Recording Filter and Options

The BEST Recording Settings in FL Studio

The best recording settings in FL Studio are using an ASIO Driver with low buffer length, and selecting EVERYTHING in the Recording Dialog Pop-up Window.

What is FL Studio - DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

What Is FL Studio?

I think FL Studio is the BEST DAW for making beats in terms of price and workflow. It specializes in MIDI and its Piano Roll is AWESOME to use. It is music production software that beatmakers use to create beats through MIDI or recording audio.

Plugin database location for Windows and Mac - FL Studio

Where is FL Studio Plugin database on My Computer?

The FL Studio plugin database is stored within your Documents, which is known as your User Data Folder. This is the same location on both Windows and Mac. (This is where FL Studio allows us to store various aspects like templates, MIDI Scripts, and VST presets.)

FL Studio Browser Plugin database

How to Add a Plugin to FL Studio Plugin Database

Learn how to add a plugin into the FL Studio plugin database.

Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Difference Between Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Effects are mixing and mastering plugins to fix and correct your audio. Generators can be virtual instruments that allow producers to play instruments like pianos, guitars, and such.

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