FL Studio

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - RIGHT SIDE

How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio

How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio.. Learn the Best MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio and What Features to Get to make beats.

Audio Signal Flow in FL Studio (Best way to adjust volume)

Best Way to Adjust Volume in FL Studio – [Channel Rack vs. Mixer]

How does FL Studio’s Volume Signal Flow Work? Learn the Best Way to Gain Stage in FL Studio and Understand FL Studio’s Volume Signal Flow.

How to Set Slice Size in Slicex (grid size) in FL Studio

How to Sample with Slicex in FL Studio

How to Sample in FL Studio with Slicex. Slicex is the easiest way to slice audio in FL Studio for sampling.

How to Use Portamento to Create Slide Notes in FL Studio

How to Use Portamento in FL Studio

How to slide notes in FL Studio with portamento which is found in the Channel Sampler’s Miscellaneous Functions tab

Access Windows "Sound Control Panel"

Best FL Studio Settings [Optimize FL Studio Performance]

The best settings for FL Studio to optimize performance is selecting an ASIO Driver, and disabling Windows Audio Enhancements for the best FL Studio audio settings.

How to Use Make Unique in FL Studio (Top Left of Pattern, Right-Click, then go Make Unique)

How to Use Make Unique in FL Studio

Make unique allows you to clone a pattern in FL Studio to give your beats variety fast. You need to have a paid version, as the demo version of FL Studio does not allow you to use make unique.

Example of audio stems in FL Studio Playlist showing Multi-tracks aligned for mixing and mastering

How to Create Stems in FL Studio

How to export stems in FL Studio, also known as multi-tracks. Learn how to render audio stems in FL Studio.

Things don't have to be perfect in your music to release it

Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect in Your Music

Wondering why it takes you so long to make beats? It’s because you’re way too serious! Things don’t have to be perfect in your music, which allows you release music faster!

How to Adjust MIDI Note Velocity in FL Studio's Piano Roll

How to Edit Notes in the Piano Roll in FL Studio

Learn how to edit midi notes in FL Studio’s Piano Roll, and powerful piano roll keyboard shortcuts when editing notes in FL Studio.

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