Making Music in FL Studio is super easy.. once you know what you’re doing!

FL Studio beats comes down to making catchy loops.. then arranging these loops to make a song.

But it’s knowing HOW to put all these beatmaking techniques together for a professional beat that appeals to an audience, while allowing space for the vocal to shine in the beat.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding FL Studio Beats

To make music in FL Studio, you need to learn the DAW itself (the music program).. AND how to make music.

These are two very different things!:

  • Learning a Music Program
  • Learning How to Make Beats

This is why learning FL Studio is hard when starting because you’re learning both at the same time! Learning the music program is hard (but most people can learn it).. and learning to make beats is a different skillset (which not everyone can accomplish).

My website teaches you how to make music with FL Studio, while revealing the secrets of beatmaking!

Making Music in FL Studio and the Equipment Needed

There’s a couple things you need to succeed with FL Studio:

  1. Buy FL Studio (see what version)
  2. Purchase a MIDI Keyboard
  3. Purchase High-Quality Drum Kits
  4. Watch Helpful FL Studio Courses

Learning FL Studio vs. Making Beats

If you read closely, I said making beats is very hard to learn, and not everyone can learn it.

But here’s some ways to learn beatmaking fast, with professional results.

First, you need to learn music theory if you want to know how to create MIDI melodies and play piano as a producer.

Next.. you need to learn how to program drum loops..

To make powerful beats, you need to learn both the melodies and drum loops. And once the beat is made, you’ll then need to learn arrangement, mixing and mastering!

Put it this way.. Making Music in FL Studio is a lifetime of learning.

Equipment to Make Beats in FL Studio

You may look at expensive music studios and think you need a big mixing console and a similar set up to be a “pro beatmaker”..

But the truth is.. most professional beatmakers are just working out of their home bedroom studio.

Here’s a quick list of what you need (which doesn’t have to be too expensive.. but don’t buy the super cheap stuff, either):

  • Reference Monitor Speakers
  • Audio Interface (to plug headphones, speakers and microphones into).
  • MIDI Keyboard (to play piano for producers)
  • Your DAW (FL Studio for example)
  • High-Quality Sounds
    • Virtual Instruments (for Melodies)
    • One-Shot Drum Samples (for Drum Loops)

Need Help Learning FL Studio?

GratuiTous has been teaching FL Studio since 2011 and runs a dedicated beatmaker training platform!

Students learn best when they follow his COURSE PATHWAYS.

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