Thanks for visiting the website! I’m Riley Weller.  My artist/producer name is GratuiTous, and I have been teaching how to make beats with FL Studio since 2011. Learn More About Me!

FL Studio Beginner's Resources

I first started teaching FL Studio tutorials on my previous website, but now focus all my FL Studio education here on, which is a dedicated beatmaking training platform with 34 FL Studio courses!!!  (Learn More).

My platform has no advertisements, the videos are concise and easy to understand, and students have left great reviews!

The Best Way to Get Started
Making Beats in FL Studio with GratuiTous

There’s a few core concepts I try to get across to all students..

Before Reading...
I want to First cover..

The first thing I want to tell you is that music production IS NOT EASY.. 

It’s VERY OVERWHELMING when getting started..

There is SO MUCH READING you will have to do to succeed.

Rule #1.. Stick to ONE DAW!

The #1 Golden Rule I teach students is STICK TO ONE DAW.

It will save you MONEY, TIME, and you’ll ACTUALLY see results!

New producers think one DAW is better than another, or that they need a couple DAWs..  Truth is, most DAWs are so comparable nowadays.. and it truly comes down to the producer’s skills..

Learn Why I Love FL Studio… (or Learn what FL version to buy).

If brand-new, a DAW is what we use to make beats.  (Digital audio workstation).  It’s no different than photoshop or a video editor.. it’s what music producers use to make beats, which gives full control over melodies, arranging, mixing, and mastering!!

FL Studio Playlist
Here's an arranged beat of mine in the FL Studio Playlist. You can see it has different parts like an INTRO, VERSE, and CHORUS for example.

Here’s why using ONE DAW will change your productions forever..

You see, audio standards haven’t changed much in the last 50 years!  (16-Bit 44.1kHz is what CD Quality is, which is VERY high-quality.. and when we listen to music online.. audio quality is MUCH less than that!)

Unlike video, which has evolved fast (4K.. 8K.. etc), and something we can SEE, every year audio continues to remain relatively the same, which is what we HEAR..

The awesome thing is our computers get more powerful each year, which handles music production easier than ever!!

Many years ago, different DAWs did offer unique functionality that you could argue, “Yeah, that’s worth buying two different DAWs for!”..

But not today.. you just need one DAW.

After 10+ years of making beats, this free advice I am telling you could truly accelerate your learning to become a great beatmaker.


In your early stages, you’re actually learning two things:

  • How to Use the DAW [Music Program]
  • How to Actually MAKE A BEAT!!!

Notice these are two separate things..

Anyone can learn a DAW, but not everyone can MAKE A BEAT!

Beatmaking is the part EVERYONE wants to do, but the first restriction is learning the music program.. and sticking to one DAW will allow you to RAPIDLY increase your learning speed.. I promise!

Rule #2, #3, #4..

Here’s 3 other rules I will teach you that are common pitfalls..

I’ve taught over 50,000 students, so LISTEN CLOSE!!  This advice is from MANY questions I’ve received over the years..


Acquiring ANY FREE PLUGIN you can find is VERY DANGEROUS in your early years because you will become SO UNORGANIZED…

Organization is 90% of a music producer’s workflow..

Watch my free video “Selecting PLUGINS as a Producer” >>


Producers face burnout SO EASY.. and it’s REALLY hard to get back up!


The secret is to keep things simple and have fun.

You do this by READING, and taking your time to learn the basics of each industry, and you’ll truly take off, if you’ve got the talent!


A producer MUST understand the core basics are EVERYTHING in this industry.. it is the SECRET to seeing results without BURNOUT!

It’s so easy to jump ahead, but if you don’t know how to play piano, make drum loops, arrange a song, or understand the basics, you’re going to have a REALLY hard time.

Being a music producer is a LONG-TERM GAME.

If you join my platform, I will teach you all you need to know 🙂

5 Keys to a Successful Beat - FREE BOOK by GratuiTous
Start with my FREE Beatmaking Book for FL Studio Producers!
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How Students Are
Learning FL Studio FAST:​

I have created a CURRICULUM for FL Studio producers.  You simply follow the 34 Courses in order to learn the beatmaking fundamentals in a VERY organized way!  (With GREAT RESULTS.. see below)

COURSE PATHWAYS - GratuiTous' FL Studio Training Platform
COURSE PATHWAYS is my Training Curriculum!

Here are proven results of ALL AGES who used my COURSE PATHWAYS beatmaker curriculum.. (Interviews from Students!):

About GratuiTous:

GratuiTous-Logo - (Studio Background)

The biggest thing I want to share is I started just like you!

I was introduced to FL Studio around 2009, and spent HOURS learning all the basics.. Around 2011, I knew this was what I wanted to do full time, so I started TEACHING how to make beats.

But.. don’t get me wrong, I’m still a producer.. I LOVE this stuff!

Popular Tracks by GratuiTous:

Around 2020, I became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer..

So feel free to contact me if you would like to learn FL Studio!

My Courses and Books have helped many students get up and running, and my education style is simple and to the point..

I also have a podcast you can tune into by clicking the image below.

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