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Common Questions About Learning FL Studio Beatmaking

These are the core concepts I teach:

  • Stick to ONE DAW to See RESULTS
  • Avoid GEAR LUST (Too Many Plugins)
  • Keep Things SIMPLE and FUN
  • The CORE Basics Make a Well-Rounded Producer!

First, you need to know music production IS NOT EASY.. 

It’s VERY OVERWHELMING in your first months..

Following my core producer principles will keep beatmaking fun, and hopefully give the results you’re after!:

Rule #1.. Stick to ONE DAW!

The #1 Golden Rule I teach is STICK TO ONE DAW.

I personally use FL Studio (Learn what FL version to buy).

View this podcast episode >>

Here’s why using ONE DAW changes your productions forever..

You’ll save MONEY, TIME, and ACTUALLY see results!

Some argue “best DAW”,  but it’s really a producer’s skills.

Audio standards haven’t changed much in 50 years!

So what you learn today, should apply in the future!

Unlike video, which changes fast (4K.. 8K.. etc), every year audio continues to remain relatively the same..

Computers get more powerful each year which makes music production easier than ever to process!!

In your early stages, you’re actually learning two things:

  • How to Use a DAW [Music Program]
  • How to Actually MAKE A BEAT!!!

These are two VERY different things..

Anyone can learn a DAW, but not everyone can MAKE BEATS!

Beatmaking is what we all want to do..

But the first restriction is learning the music program..

So.. Sticking to ONE DAW decreases your learning time!!

Rule #2, #3, #4..

Here’s 3 other rules to avoid common pitfalls..

  • #2 – Avoid GEAR LUST (Too Many Plugins)
  • #3 – Keep Things SIMPLE and FUN
  • #4 – The CORE Basics Make a Well-Rounded Producer!


Acquiring FREE PLUGINS can be VERY DANGEROUS in your early years making you become SO UNORGANIZED…

Organization is 90% of a music producer’s workflow..

Watch my free video Selecting PLUGINS as a Producer >>


Producers burnout SO EASY.. and it’s HARD to get back up!


The secret is to keep things simple and have fun.

We achieve this by READING and taking time learning the basics, and you’ll truly take off, if you have the talent!


What are the core basics?

Is it knowing how to use audio plugins?

No.. that’s just learning how a plugin works..

We need to learn music production basics..

This knowledge relates to ALL ASPECTS of beatmaking!

Being a music producer is a LONG-TERM GAME.

I understand you want to see results today.. but stick with me I’ll teach you step-by-step how to see results with your beats..

It may take a year.. but you’ll be organized, knowledgeable, and much happier with my slow and steady approach.

Just listen to my music.. it’s how I got here!

Learn FL Studio EASIER:​

I created COURSE PATHWAYS for you to learn FL Studio beatmaking in a step-by-step way.

COURSE PATHWAYS - FL Studio Courses by GratuiTous

Music production is overwhelming, so simply start @ Beginner, and each course walks you through beginner to advanced.

I hope you enjoy the membership.

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