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Goals of this Website

Hey, my name is Riley! (People know me as GratuiTous.)

My goal is to teach you audio production with transparency and different perspectives!

Teaching is a passion of mine and I hope the way I teach comes across as an easy to understand experience within the complex world of audio.

Scroll below to see the best ways to follow this site and get on board to producing radio-quality beats and productions.

Free Email Courses

In my later years, I started to release email courses.
Simply enter your email, and receive emails on the specific topic.
So far, here are my current series:

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Free Email Courses

Awesome Resources

A page full of goodies like how to articles and best gear:

  • My Best How-to Guides
  • Favorite Products + Tools
  • Recommended Audio Books
  • Podcasts I Love!

Helpful Resource Page

Free Email Courses

Premium FL Studio Courses

If you’ve liked my tutorials, I’ve created premium courses.
Many times these are bundled together with a quick EBook further explaining what was covered in the teaching!

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Free Email Courses

How Can you Repay Me?

I honestly really love teaching and am not striving financial gain (however, money always helps!)
If you feel a need to repay me, here are some options:






I treat comments as thank-yous.

I want to build an awesome community on my blog. So leave your thank-you 🙂

I’d just like to say thanks for visiting my site, and I sure hope my content gets you to the level of productions you’re wanting to achieve.

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