Did you know that you as the music producer have more control than mixing and mastering engineers?

Because music producers work with VSTi’s, and have the RAW MIDI Files, we have customizability that no one else has!

Take advantage of this to fix problems that audio tools like EQ, Compression, and Gates cannot! (Which allow you to fix the root of the problem, and often reduce CPU usage!)

Examples of Full Control as a Music Producer

You have to be careful, because a lot of YouTube tutorials are just people wanting to show off fancy plugins, but they them self are not truly producers (and don’t have much music released to show you!)

Using Velocity to Fix Loud Notes Instead of Plugins Like Compression and Limiting

The first example is to use VELOCITY to fix a note that’s too loud.

Instead of reaching for a compressor or limiter, we can simply adjust MIDI Note Velocity to turn down a loud note!

A mixing engineer could replicate this by doing volume automation, but it’s still not the exact same control.

Turn down note with velocity instead of using compression or limiter with MIDI Note.
Turn down note with velocity instead of using compression or limiter with MIDI Note.

Using ADSR on Virtual Instruments for the EXACT Sound

Onto the next example..

Sometimes a sound can have way too long of a tail, like a PAD instrument..

Want to know the quickest way to fix this? Dial back the RELEASE KNOB!

Yes, it’s literally that simple, and such a pro-tip to MIX AS A PRODUCER without needing an extra plugin, and it actually fixes THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!

For a mixing engineer, they’d have to use a gate plugin to tame the tail (which is really hard to dial in nice).

Wrapping Up: Music Producers Full Control Compared to Mixing Engineers and Mastering Engineers

Mixing Engineers and Mastering Engineers are handcuffed because of the producer’s poor audio files.. but these audio engineers are extremely talented in working with what they’re given.

But, as a music producer, we have full control, and have the tools to fix the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, without having to reach for plugins many times!


Do you have pro producer tips that mixing engineers and mastering engineers don’t have access to in your RAW MIDI Files?