The two ways to make a beat are Original Compositions and Sampling. Both of these take immense skill and talent.

There’s a Sample Your Own Music Course in the platform!

Make sure you’re practicing to become a better producer so you can truly be proud of your musical works. This is how you find your own sound, and become confident in your beats.

Original Composition Beat Benefits:

An original composition is when we understand music theory to create melodies with MIDI Notes, and Virtual Instruments.

It’s understanding the notes we’re allowed to play in a Key and Scale, and how to play chords in music production.

The main benefit original compositions have is 100% ownership of musical copyright.

Did you know just because someone can play an instrument well, doesn’t mean they can make catchy beats?

Sometimes people can only play other people’s music well.. or it may take them a long time to create a catchy melody..

But beatmakers making original compositions are constantly creating catchy melodies that are COHESIVE with all the other melodies in our beat!

How many melodies should a beat have? Well, it all depends on the beat, and training your ear for what sounds full!

On my BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous series, you will hear some beats have 12+ instruments.. some beats may only have 3-4..

You as the producer must train your ear for what the beat needs, what’s catchy, and what compliments the production.

Original Compositions are the most common form of beatmaking.

Sampled Beat Benefits:

Sampling gives a unique sound to a beat that is achieved no other way.

LEARN: How to Sample with Slicex in FL Studio

It takes already catchy music, and recreates a new beat out of that audio.

It’s done by chopping the audio (slicing the audio), and played back however the producer decides.. they can re-arrange parts of the song, or play quick hits here and there.

Sampled Beats are most known when taking popular music, and recreating a beat out of old songs.. often making the voice chipmunk sound, because it’s sped up (pitched up).

Sampling is not to be confused with remixing.

Original Compositions vs. Sampled Beats

I always tell producers you want to learn BOTH original compositions and sampling to become a good producer.

It stretches your skillset, and allows you to truly learn all aspects of the audio production world for your beats.

Please be very careful out there watching FL Studio tutorials where they are using pre-made drum loops and pre-made melody loops.. you will not learn to make your own beats.

Reach out if you’re looking to make custom beats, that are 100% original and authentic.. but just can’t understand what’s going on.