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Best Computer for Music Production and FL Studio

I’ve researched what is the best computer for music production for about 15-20 hours. I focused on a quiet computer for recording music at home and while making beats.

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What Audio Cables Should I Buy? (XLR, TRS, TS)

Learn how to buy the best audio cables for your home studio. We talk about TS, TRS, XLR, and even RCA cables. Also discussed is the difference between balanced vs. unbalanced cables.

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The Best Music Production Books for Beatmakers

These are the best music production books for audio production, beatmakers, and aspiring recording artists. You will learn music making tips and artist promotion!

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My Favorite VSTs for Music Production

Find the best vsts for music production. In this write-up I share my favorite virtual instruments for making beats. From old synths and ROMplers to new ones. I also share popular VSTs I see around the industry.

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