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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E21 – Drum Loops or Melody First

Should producers start with drum loops or their melodies first? That’s what is answered in this episode..

How to Use 808's for Beginners in FL Studio

How to Use 808’s for Beginners

An 808 is originally from a Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, but has evolved tremendously over the years. It is a hybrid of a kick drum and bassline in one sound, and is absolutely necessary to master to become a good beatmaker.

How to Become a Music Producer
Getting Started

How to Become a Music Producer

Becoming a Music Producer is not for everyone, and requires much passion, focus, and a clear mindset. Never forget where you came from and how you got started!

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E20 – Piano and Melodies for Music Producers

Creating melodies on a piano as a beatmaker using FL Studio is not as hard as you think. Yes, music theory is required, but it’s all about improvisation and catchy melodies!

Getting Started

What is a ROMpler

ROMplers are preset-based virtual instruments (synthesizer) that allow beatmakers to select high-quality presets FAST, without knowing sound design, to focus on creating catchy melodies easily.

The Walk Around Test by GratuiTous

S2E19 – The Walk Around Test

The Walk Around Test is that FINAL LISTEN after you’ve made the beat, done your arrangement, and applied your AUDIO PAINTING. It’s listening to make sure that the song FLOWS.

FL Studio Recording Settings - Panel Recording Filter and Options

What are the BEST Recording Settings in FL Studio?

The best recording settings in FL Studio are using an ASIO Driver with low buffer length, and selecting EVERYTHING in the Recording Dialog Pop-up Window.

Fun Stuff

Using FADE in Car Audio for Good Conversation

How to listen to music loud in the car while still having a good conversation. Use the FADE to move audio more to the rear speakers.

Recognized FL Studio Trainer - GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

Recognized FL Studio Trainer – GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer with over 27 Beatmaking Courses from beginner to advanced skill levels

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