Awhile back, I created a series of FL Studio tutorials from my BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 6

I try to keep notes on time in my beats, with minor note-nudging.. However, this beat (called Induction) inspired me to talk about things don’t have to be perfect in your music.. because the notes were VERY OUT OF TIME.. yet sounded really good.. I was so surprised!

I explain this in the video just below. (Note it is an old video, but I think is worth your time. People have liked it over the years):

Things don’t have to be perfect in your music
Beat is called “Induction” from: BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 6

Are You Too Serious With Your Music?

I read way too many common things about new people starting up like..

  • Why does it take me forever to mix
  • Why can I not find the right sounds for my beats
  • Why isn’t my music loud enough

And the list goes on..

Most of these issues come down to taking TOO LONG!

To get good at producing beats, you need to learn to move quickly.

When first starting, I always suggest to new producers to make 2-3 beats a day.

These beats don’t have to be 100% complete, but they should at least have a chorus and verse.

If you spend too much time on one track, you will not learn how to be creative… In 4-6 months when you look back, if you only have 10 beats, that’s a huge problem, and the exact reason you can’t break free!

Want to know the secret to actually release beats?

If you’re stuck, move onto something different.

What’s too long? If you focus on a single beat for a month, and don’t work on other beats, this is the main reason for your lack of creativity.. you should work on 2-3 beats in a sit down session for fresh ears, prevent burnout, and still have fun!

The skills you pick up from trying different styles of beats, switching to new beats, and eventually coming back to these previous beats, you will see your creative skills tremendously increase. The, you simply use your new back pocket tools, which I talk about in my Advanced Music Production Secrets course.

Being a music producer requires A LOT OF INGENUITY.. in other words, being able to be creative on the fly..

You will never learn ingenuity by sticking in one project for too long.. (for example, working on one single track for a month, without working on any other tracks).

I hope this text and video helps you move forward.

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