Do you want to learn how to select sounds in your beats?

Sound Selection is the #1 secret to clear, and full sounding beats.

If you choose sounds wisely, mixing beats is WAY easier.

But the question is.. how to select instrument sounds properly? And.. how do you choose drum samples so that your drum loops sound full and powerful, but not busy and there’s no fighting?

How to Choose Sounds in Beats – SECRETS REVEALED!

You should definitely check out Sound Selection in Beats Course.

I’ll teach you so many sound selection tips like:

  • Understanding the frequency spectrum, and how to use a frequency analyzer
  • How to fit multiple instruments in a beat without sounding busy
  • The choosing sounds for clear mixes
  • The different types of sounds producers have available to them
  • How to make sounds work no matter what in your beat!

I hope you enjoyed this sound selection episode which was like an audio sound selection tutorial.

To learn the secrets choosing sounds for beats.. view my sound selection course.

Sound Selection in Beats Course (GratuiTous FL Studio Course)
Sound Selection in Beats Course
Learn How to Select Sounds in for Beats, Melodies, and Drum Loops.

The best beats are ones that have different melodies that are unique from each other, but compliment each other!

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