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4.4 293 Reviews
FL Studio Beginners Course [Learn FL Studio 20 Basics]
Learn how to create beats in FL Studio 20 in this step-by-step course breaking down everything necessary to make beats.
4.9 90 Reviews
Piano Lessons for Beatmakers and Music Producers
Learn how to play piano by yourself. Improvise on the piano, and learn piano for hip-hop and edm music production.
4.2 51 Reviews
FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course: Learn Advanced Concepts
FL Studio course on how to create music that is commercially ready to compete with professional music.
3.9 49 Reviews
Song Structure and Arrangement Music Course [FL Studio 20]
Learn how to arrange beats and build your song structure for the most energy and actually FINISH YOUR BEATS!
4.9 45 Reviews
FL Studio Mixer Workflow
Become a pro at using the mixer in FL Studio. Learn how to achieve the results you want.
3.9 33 Reviews
Use EQ Effectively In Your Beats (Equalization)
Learn to use EQ While Mixing Audio.. Specifically for Beatmakers and Producers!
4.3 26 Reviews
10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro
Learn How to Create Beats in FL Studio Like a Pro in 10 Easy Steps - Beginner and Intermediate FL Studio Video Tutorials
4.0 21 Reviews
Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers
Learn to Create Amazing Compositions with Major and Minor Chords, and Understand Where and When to Use Your Notes
4.1 20 Reviews
Creating Organic Beats in FL Studio
Create a full composition from a SINGLE NOTE that we record together!
4.4 20 Reviews
Advanced Music Production Secrets
Become a Professional Beatmaker by Learning the Inside Secrets.
4.8 19 Reviews
How to Use Sylenth1, Serum and Pigments 2 to Learn Sound Design, Make Beats, and Create Your Own Signature Sound.
3.1 16 Reviews
Sample Your Own Music - [FL Studio 12]
Create sampled beats without the risk of copyright infringement! - Make your music 100% yours.
4.2 13 Reviews
SAFE SPOTS: Create AMAZING Drum Loops in FL Studio
Learn how to create good drum patterns to create better beats. Know where you can place sounds within drum loops.
4.2 12 Reviews
A Specific Music Production Folder
Stay Organized With Your Music Files, and Allow More Time for Music Making. Make a Custom Music Production Folder.
4.2 10 Reviews
Foundational Drum Loop Basics - [Create Powerful Drum Loops]
Create the Drum Loops You've Always Wanted Others to Hear.
4.8 9 Reviews
How to Use a MIDI Keyboard as a Beatmaker in FL Studio
Learn how to make beats on your computer realistically with a MIDI Keyboard.
4.6 7 Reviews
How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio
Automatically Control Parameters in Your Music Program through Automation to Make Your Music WAY MORE Interesting!
3.5 6 Reviews
Musical Rhythms and Popular Patterns in Music Production
Learn how to complete a beat when you get stuck by mixing and matching these popular musical patterns into your music.
4.3 4 Reviews
Audio Compression in Your Beats [FL STUDIO 20]
Learn How to Use Compression In Your Music, and Use All Aspects of a Compressor [Knee, Threshold, Ratio, Sidechaining]
0.0 0 Reviews
Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers
Discover MUST-KNOW Secrets for a SUPER EFFCIENT Workflow on a Computer as a MUSIC PRODUCER
0.0 0 Reviews
Record Vocals with No Latency
Learn the Secrets to NO AUDIO LATENCY When Recording Vocals for Songs

Why Buy Udemy FL Studio Courses?

My FL Studio Courses on Udemy are affordable, and best of all, Udemy offers an amazing return policy if you’re not happy.

These Best FL Studio Udemy Courses are taught by GratuiTous, a Recognized FL Studio Trainer who’s been teaching FL Studio since 2011!  He’s worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated Recording Artist, and is known for SIMPLE AND TO THE POINT beatmaking training with FL Studio.

Listen to Music By GratuiTous Here >>

FL Studio Udemy Course vs. FL Studio Tutorials on YouTube?

Most often new producers start with FL Studio tutorials on YouTube, which surprisingly gets them quite far! However, you’ll often find YouTube is full of distractions because of advertisements, or sometimes the video doesn’t get to the point.

Learning music production takes A LOT of self-learning and motivation.. not everyone has this, which is why taking a FL Studio Course on Udemy is a great way to learn FAST, which has lessons laid out in sequential order for you!

All you have to do is simply watch each video step-by-step and you’ll learn fast, and in an organized way!

Where to Ask Udemy Questions for FL Studio Courses?

Each Udemy FL Studio Course has a questions area to contact GratuiTous.

He tries to respond back quickly to your beatmaking questions!

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) has some of the highest-rated FL Studio Courses on Udemy, who is a FL Studio Trainer!

Helpful FL Studio Tips and Resources:

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn FL Studio.. try my beginner FL Studio page.

Questions?  Contact GratuiTous directly here.

GratuiTous also has free FL Studio Training here.

GratuiTous is a FL Studio Trainer
FREE Beatmaking Training >>

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GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer with over 30 Beatmaking Courses. He writes Beatmaking Books, hosts the Music Production Made Simple Podcast, and helps students with FL Studio Lessons. He also makes lots of his own music!
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