How to Lower Metronome Volume in FL Studio

Lowering the volume of the metronome is pretty easy in FL Studio, however, you got to know your way around FL Studio a little bit. (It’s not just as easy as right clicking the metronome button and lowering the volume from there.)

Lower the Metronome Volume by Setting a Preview Mixer Track


First head to FL Studio’s Options, and select Audio Settings. (You can also use the shortcut F10, then select the Audio tab.)


If you look near the bottom under Mixer, you’ll see the Preview mixer track. This is where you can assign the metronome sound! Simply choose any available mixer track that you’re not using.

(Note, sounds played out of the Browser will also be played in that same mixer track.)


Now, when you hit play, you’ll instantly see your metronome’s volume playing through the insert! Just lower the volume of that mixer insert, and you’re good to go!

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How to Change the Sound of FL Studio’s Metronome?


You can simply right click the metronome button, and you are given a few options to choose from! Find out more info on How to Change the Metronome Sound in FL Studio.

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