Beat Walkthrough Series 1 – Ingenuity

  • Time: 4 Hours
  • Videos: 10

You get to download this project!  Only stock FL Studio sounds/plugins are used, so ANYONE WITH FL STUDIO can follow along!

Ready to ACTUALLY Learn FL Studio?

Do you want to see how a PROFESSIONALLY created track is put together?

Melodies, Drum Loops, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering.

Are these areas where you struggle, and want to know the pro secrets?

This 10 video course reveals all this, plus we create our own beat, too!

Here’s a teaser from the course:

How Does the Course Work?

We not only cover a PROFESSIONAL production, but we also create a beat FROM SCRATCH!

It will go like this:

We discuss something inside the completed project, then jump into a NEW PROJECT to try it out self!

You get to SEE what I’m doing, then get HANDS ON!

It’s the best of both worlds!

What Do I Need?

You can watch the course on any device.

I use only FL Studio stock sounds/plugins.

Upon enrollment of the course, you’ll get a download of this project, plus access to the course to follow along on your OWN computer!

Get Started Right Now!

This 10 video course is 4 hours long.

It’s the PERFECT solution to get HANDS-ON!

Enroll into the course.  I’d love to guide you step-by-step how a production gets put together!

(This is a brand-new series called BWS (Beat Walkthrough Series)


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