How to Setup Oxygen Pro 49 in FL Studio

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    I purchased the M-Audio Oxygen 49. It looks great. Do you have an instructional video that specifically shows how to set up the Oxygen 49? It’s kind-of complicated!

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    Hi Celia!  Thank-you so much for being a member!

    As discussed in our emails, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro (Review) is the MIDI Keyboard I recommend (and I’m glad you got the Oxygen Pro!!)

    Here’s some resources I have to get the Oxygen Pro setup in FL Studio:

    • Oxygen Pro Video Series – This helps the user understand what a MIDI Keyboard is, why the Oxygen Pro is a great MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio, and how to setup the Oxygen Pro for FL Studio usage.  It breaks down the FREE MIDI Script, and additional premium add-on (if you want that).
    • Oxygen Pro FREE MIDI Script – Out of the box, the LOOP Button of the Oxygen Pro was not the default operation of what I know a MIDI Keyboard to be in FL Studio.  (The FL Studio MIDI Script gets that set up).
    • Update Oxygen Pro Firmware – If you just bought your Oxygen Pro, it may be on an old firmware.  I don’t think it’s necessary to update, as I didn’t experience any bugs.
    • Premium Oxygen Pro Preset (Add-On) – Sets Oxygen Pro to External, sets knobs/sliders to proper MIDI specs (and changes drum pad colors over banks), and V2 allows for a cool hands-on workflow!


    Here’s step-by-step details for how to set up the M-Audio Oxygen Pro for FL Studio.

    1. The M-Audio Oxygen Pro doesn’t have drivers, but best practice is to install drivers first for any hardware you plug into your music production computer!
    2. Set Oxygen Pro TEMPO SYNC to External – There’s two ways
      1. (Best way) – Create a template that sets tempo to EXTERNAL, then load the template into the Oxygen Pro with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor
      2. (Easy/Annoying way) – Hold TEMPO SYNC on Oxygen Pro, set EXTERNAL.. but has to be done each time turn off/on the keyboard.
    3. Install FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script – This gets the transport buttons setup in FL Studio (particularly the LOOP button) – Transport buttons are “Play, Stop, Record, etc”.
    4. In FL Studio’s Settings (F10), under “Input”, make sure to enable:
      1. Oxygen Pro 49
      2. MIDIIN3 (Oxygen Pro 49)
        1. MIDIIN3 should have the free MIDI Script loaded
    5. The premium Oxygen Pro add-on does most of this stuff for you, which is why I created it to make things easy.  (Plus the new hands-on features!)

    This video literally shows step-by-step how to install everything and get up-and-running the the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio:



    This is a tricky keyboard to setup for someone brand-new to music production, but once setup, it works REALLY GOOD in FL Studio!

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