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    Emmanuel Morales

    Ok so I’m doing the pathways and I am working on the drum loops modules, awesome good stuff, but I feel like some of it goes above my head lol even though you do a great job explaining, I am kinda following along and listening to what you are saying and capturing most of it but don’t know if I grasp it all so I’m kinda just improving with the drum placement based on kind of following your video so then I remembered that you have a video series and or book course on SAFE SPOTS, but when I look at your pathways you have it under advanced, would safe spot help me with the current course or is it in advanced for a reason?

    As always, thanks for your awesome content! be it the course, podcast, blogs or just answering q’s.

    Emmanuel Morales

    Nevemind I noticed I skipped the course (10 steps… etc etc) I see that you cover this there.


    Hey Emmanuel, thanks again for your membership enrollment!

    Yeah, I’ve laid out my COURSE PATHWAYS in such a way that makes it easy to understand my teaching approach, while showing you the whole music production process.

    P.S. – I just released a podcast about my course pathways to learn more!

    That drum loop module you mentioned at the moment is my Foundational Drum Loop Basics course, which was the initial idea of SAFE SPOTS.

    After many more years of producing myself, I formed the SAFE SPOTS drum loop training curriculum to break down how we as beatmakers have FULL CONTROL over our drum loops simply just through MIDI and the basic ORGANIC TOOLS which are FREE in any DAW (Velocity, Panning, Note Nudging, Note Placement, Sound Selection, etc..)

    Drum loops is a REALLY tricky thing to fully grasp in a sense of “breaking free” and totally doing your own thing, so I highly advise trying to make quick drum loops at different tempos just to understand what you’re doing.. over time things will make more sense the more you keep tweaking/practicing.

    This is what I did in my early years, which formed that SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training Curriculum (Book).

    I also advise to learn both hip-hop/rap drum loops AND dance drum loops to become a super versatile beatmaker.

    Remember, there’s two things beatmakers need to know.. that is:


    As you work your way through the COURSE PATHWAYS, you will learn both of these two required elements of a beatmaker.

    (You then move onto understanding the mixer, arrangement, and the whole music production process to prepare yourself to become a well-rounded producer).

    You can try to copy what I’ve done in the videos, but honestly, it won’t help you much because you’re just “copying” – you have to try to understand what I’m explaining in terms of SOUND PLACEMENT, and that will truly allow you to break free and jumpstart your own unique drum loops..

    Also remember, a drum loop by itself may not sound that powerful, but when combined with the right melodies (because beatmaking is all about timing), then you can really be surprised at how the combination of different elements is what makes the beat.

    It’s all about catchy melodies and powerful drum loops 🙂

    My SAFE SPOTS Book and SAFE SPOTS Course breaks down drum loops in-depth, and my Piano Lessons for Producers will teach you melodies with improvisation (all from a beatmaker’s point of view!)

    Emmanuel Morales

    Awesome, Thanks!

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