Music Theory and Intervals

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    I am studying some music theory and I have come across “intervals” (the distance between notes). I was wondering if you have ever used this knowledge to compose a song? Have they been useful to you or just useful in understanding music theory? I struggle with memorizing them and wonder if it is worth my time to learn them in depth or by audible memory. I am trying to learn about scales and all that, so I can compose some cool melodies.

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    Hey William, hope you are well!

    I cover Intervals in Piano Lessons for Producers.

    As you said, no, they are not necessary to know.

    A lot of music theory is “good to know”, but in reality, learning to produce chords and melodies for beats truly comes down to knowing a key and scale.

    Once you know a key and scale, you will then muscle memorize the chords available to you.

    You should be practicing piano for at least 5 minutes a day (even at my level) to keep to fine-tune your improvisation skills.

    There’s two types of musicians, really..

    1. One who can only read sheet music and play another person’s music..
    2. One who can improvise and create their own music from scratch (which is what we want to be as beatmakers!)

    Understanding a key and scale will help you achieve #2 there.

    I also like to practice piano over a “click track”, like my Piano Drum Loops, to practice piano as a producer in a real-world setting.

    I hope that helps you move forward..


    I admit that I was letting myself get stuck on that and you made it sound easier than I was making it. I did start playing some intervals on my keyboard with an interval chart. I kind of see why it may interest musicians. For example, I did a Google search and read some people associate certain intervals with certain songs. For example, a minor second would be the jaws theme. Interesting stuff. I know how to read music some, but always ignored the intervals. Haha When messing around with learning synths and sound design I noticed that certain house chords sounded good with certain intervals. And setting a setting to a seventh sounds good for something. I am going to move on and focus on scales; instead, of getting stuck thinking I can’t move on unless I master intervals. I have a bad habit of getting myself stuck at times. Haha To be honest… Last, I keep hearing your voice in the videos saying, “Stay in your Daw. Stay in your Daw.” You brainwashed me! Haha But that is a good thing. 😛 I want to sit around and learn all day and have to remind myself to JUST DO IT like that Nike shoes.


    I will add that I have seen a lot of ads on Facebook advertising apps/software that AI generate everything for you; but, as an artist, its like having someone else paint the painting for you. I realize some will use these tools to make a quick buck, but is that the legacy you want to leave behind? I know most people who work like to feel a sense of “accomplishment”. Also, the AI doesn’t convey expression and emotion like a human and a keyboard. It doesn’t know when to randomly move the pitch bend wheel or when to make a part of the song louder or software. That is something that a computer can’t mimmic. The emotional aspect. Now that I think of it, using that AI software; basically, makes you like the dude playing Guitar Hero and thinking they are a real guitarist. I mean this is just my opinion, like its going to change the world or anything. Later.

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    Ya in short an interval is just the space between your notes, based off the key and scale.

    So if you want to get really technical, there can be harsh and pleasing notes, in relation to one another..

    But the most important thing, if you want to get better at beatmaking, is knowing a key and scale.

    Over time, you start to learn how chords work on a piano, and you will build muscle memory.  That is something no one can teach you.

    For the A.I. stuff.. we will wait and see what will unfold.. it’s rapidly advancing..  But the true reward is always making the music from scratch, which you can be proud of.

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