How to Install reFX Nexus 4 in FL Studio

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    Question – Hey everyone.  I find it a blessing to be a part of this program.

    I just purchased a Nexus 4.  I am new to the DAW world.  So trying to figure all this out.

    I have downloaded the app for reFX Nexus but I don’t understand how to get it into fl studio and then how to use it.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey Adam, thanks for your membership!

    I actually don’t have a video on how to install plugins in FL Studio yet..

    The process is a bit confusing, but once you get it, it’s pretty powerful through their Plugin Database.

    Companies are starting to change how they offer their VST plugins to install..

    My favorite way (old school way) is you install the .exe file, and just insert your license, and that’s it, you’re good to go for the first part of the installation.

    The new way is companies are creating a portal software which you then download and install your plugin in.  Sometimes these aren’t bad, but sometimes they are just a tool to upsell and market to you further (it’s just bloat in my opinion.. most of the time)

    Anyways to install Nexus, they have one of these portals, called reFX Cloud.

    Next.. it’s important to know the version of VST is changing.. (growing pains in the industry).. It was previously VST2, but now VST3 more common, and thankfully FL Studio adopted VST3 in the very early years, so it’s quite mature.

    Learn more about VST2 vs VST3 Plugins.  (In short, we end users don’t notice a difference between VST2 vs. VST3, except that the GUI is resizable [the actual VST window].. and maybe some other small things.. it’s mainly plugin developers who’d benefit from new features for us to use).

    So.. try to use VST3 first, and if there’s bugs, then use VST2.

    I say that because the installation folder for VST3 vs. VST2 matters!  (VST2 can live anywhere on your computer.. but VST3 within FL Studio must live in your Common Files/VST3 folder..)


    Go to Settings -> File, and you’ll see “Plugin database“.  (You can also access this from Options -> Manage plugins).

    Once opened, click Find Installed Plugins.  (You may need to add folders for it to search through.. this is why creating a custom music folder is so important for organization and workflow).

    Now, in the FL Studio Browser (the left window where you navigate your sounds), you’ll be able to find the plugins in Plugin database (blue color) -> Installed -> Generators (for Nexus).

    It’s important to know the difference between Effects and Generators in FL Studio.

    Finally, this one’s really important.. here’s how to organize the FL Studio Plugin Database.

    Hopefully I can create quicker articles / FL Studio videos to answer these common questions.. maybe on the new website revamp (coming very soon!)

    Report back if you’re still stuck!  And congrats on becoming a LIFETIME Member.. and taking the jump with Nexus.. I’ve really enjoyed Nexus over the years..


    Thank Riley,
    Great information. I will do some research in the manual as well. I’m hope to have it loaded this evening. Thanks Again for the information.

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