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#006 – Different Approaches to Making a Beat

This episode asks you an interesting question:

“When making your beats, what do you first start with? The Instruments, the Drum Loop, or do you create both at the same time?”

It’s an interesting topic for discussion, upon which GratuiTous gives his opinion.

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#004 – A Specific Music Production Folder

Before you start taking music production seriously, it’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to set up your own custom music production folder.

FL Studio offers its ‘User Data Folder’, but has been known to cause a lot of headaches for many users.

That’s when I took the initiative to figure out the absolute best way to set myself up for the long-term as a music producer, know exactly where my files are, and never have missing files EVER AGAIN!

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#003 – Gear and Tools Required as a Producer

Music production gear has truly become affordable!

It’s important you purchase the right gear right from the start. Not only to save money, but also for enjoyment. If you have the right gear that suits you and your workflow, it will motivate you to continue to practice music production, and break pass that point to truly excel in this craft!

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