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    Rose Anne Dimla

    Hi Riley. I just joined yesterday and I’m enjoying the course. I have a Kawaii ES110 digital piano which I can use as a MIDI keyboard but it’s too big and my hands is getting tired after few songs maybe because of the semi weighted keys. I’m planning to get the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 or the Arturia Keylab MKii 49. I would like to ask your recommendation and is 49 keys would be enough? Thank you, Rose.


    Hey Rose, thanks so much for joining!

    Surprisingly, I’ve always found a 49-Key to be an AWESOME size of MIDI Keyboard. It’s the only size I’ve ever owned for making beats.

    Here are my MIDI Keyboard reviews for FL Studio usage. I do personally suggest the Oxygen Pro 49, as it is what I use, but I also think it’s a solid MIDI Keyboard for the price, and features it presents. (Has knobs, sliders, semi-weighted keys, and a pretty powerful MIDI Mapping software to set it up for a lot of customization).

    The semi-weighted keys are something you want, personally. It gives a better feel when playing piano. You then have your OCTAVE buttons to go up or down the octaves when needed!

    The 49-Key spacing is still great for playing low and high at the same time. Once you learn music production, you will learn that we don’t always use two hands when composing a melody, so you’ll quickly realize why a 49-Key is good because it’s not that big, as you say your “Kawai ES110 digital piano”, and that is a 88-Key (which is HUGE.. a real sized piano!).

    Anyways, I like:

    – Semi-weighted keys
    – Good transport buttons (Play, Stop, Record, LOOP, Forward, Back).
    – 49-Key (not too big, fits nice on a desk.. you can also put your audio interface beside it for easy volume control of your music.. all about workflow!)

    You can also watch my video on “How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard to Make Beats” free video!

    Thanks again for joining my FL Studio training platform.. I hope the FL Studio courses help you get up and running easier!

    Rose Anne Dimla

    Hi Riley. Thank you so much. This will really help my decision which MIDI keyboard to buy. I use logic pro before but since I’m using a Windows PC now I decided to learn music composition in FL Studio. Thanks again for the help and for creating the courses for us! 🙂


    You are VERY welcome.

    Logic is a great DAW. FL Studio as well. The trick to really see success in your beatmaking (and music production) is just sticking to one DAW.

    Most DAWs are all very similar nowadays, but since I’ve stumbled on FL Studio first (and use Windows), I’m REALLY happy with FL Studio, and never feel hindered 🙂

    I hope you have been learning with my courses. Keep feeling free to use the questions area here!!!

    I also want to leave a video about “What is FL Studio”, because many people often think one DAW is better than another. It’s simply a bad way to look at things, and will really slow down one’s learning.

    The trick is to stick to ONE DAW (doesn’t matter what DAW… for the most part). They can all make beats and record. It all comes down to the end user!!

    I share many of these core principles that music producers must know in my FREE 5 Keys Book!

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