Using FL Studio Swing and Nudge at Same Time

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    Afternoon Riley I’m getting back into FL and my lessons after a rough spell just want to say thank you for all the help since I started much appreciated. So in one lesson you talked about swing and note nudging was wondering do you need to do both since they kind of do the same thing or can you do one or the other ? Or does it depend on the type of track you are creating ? Thanks again

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    Hey Alberto!  Thanks so much for being a member!

    Swing and nudge are similar in that they move notes off the grid.

    Nudge is a manually approach to moving the notes off grid, and allows you to move a note EARLY or LATE, and you can adjust ANY note.. so the most flexibility is with Nudge.

    Swing is an option built into the FL Studio Channel Rack which makes every 1/8 Note (Eighth Note) late by the amount you increase swing.

    Swing is a great choice to apply looseness to a song automatically.  Note nudging can be used with swing!

    Here’s a helpful FL Studio Tutorial about Note Editing I did awhile back:

    How to Edit Notes in the Piano Roll in FL Studio

    I hope that helps.. the new website revamp is coming VERY soon.  (And the new Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1 course).

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