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    In my scale highlighter I can’t seem to find the key section if and when I select a scale, how can I get it to come back

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    Hey Kevin, thanks for joining the membership!

    The FL Studio scale highlighting can be found under View -> Helpers -> Scale Highlighting.. Helpers used to be its own menu in FL Studio, but now it is under the View option.

    (Note, you can RIGHT-CLICK an option to keep menu windows open to save time when testing things out!!!!)

    FL Studio Scale Highlighting - Under View, then Helpers Tab

    I believe you have to select a scale first (use right-click), then you can select your key.

    Within the piano roll, you’ll be able to see the highlighted areas sharing what notes are within that scale..

    Maybe I’m not understanding your question very well.. but that should be all that is required for how to use the scale highlighting in FL Studio!


    Excellent, worked like a charm!!
    One other quick question, and I’ll respect your time!,
    I have your template, and thank you for that,!!! When I try to audition sounds when not in channel rack, the sound is routed through the reverb 1 so it is hard to audition prior to putting in channel rack and changing the mixer to 8, is there a setting I’m missing to be able to audition in the “left screen” where we pick our samples from to place in the channel rack prior having to put in channel rack? Or will I have to continue to put in channel rack first then place on number 8 to audition all the time?
    And thanks for such prompt responses

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    Hey man, no problem.  Thanks for picking up my FL Studio Template!

    Inside your Settings (F10), click Audio, and near the bottom under “Mixer”, you will see “Preview mixer track”..

    Make sure it does not have a number, otherwise your audio is routed directly to that mixer insert, and is why you’re hearing reverb (as I have Insert 1 as a Reverb on that premium template! 🙂)

    Change Preview Mixer Track in FL Studio Audio Tab Settings


    Wholly crap you know your stuff, appreciate your time,
    If I haven’t said I before your courses are the real deal
    Thank you for time,

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    Hey thanks man.. here to help!!!

    Continue to use the questions area for any other questions you have.  I will close this one.. just start a new one 🙂

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