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    William Smith

    I purchased your FL Studio template which is all one needs. However, I decided to switch to a 3rd party VST3 (picked so I can do automation as you suggested in the Basic course), but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it. Haha Also, I enjoy your well-written responses. This is something basic I have skipped over. 😛


    Hey William, thanks for grabbing my FL Studio Template!

    I’m not sure what your direct question is here!

    Note – you do not need VST3 to create automation clips.  What I mentioned was that sometimes VST3 allows you to RIGHT-CLICK and create an automation clip from a knob as if it were a NATIVE FL STUDIO PLUGIN.

    The automation clip gets added to the Playlist, then you are able to add and remove new automation points with RIGHT-CLICK, then adjust them with LEFT-CLICK + HOLD.

    (If you right-click a point, you are then presented with even more automation curve options!)

    For more info:

    William Smith

    I will check out your course content for clarification. I asked this question too quickly, but it did raise an interesting point about automation. Cool.


    No problem!  This questions area is meant to be used for everyone to learn, so when you have serious questions, feel free to leave a question and I’ll respond when I can!

    Closing this one, thanks again for your enrolment to the membership 🙂

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