How much time should I allocate to the course?

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    I am new here, and I just started the basic course. Now, the question is not about FL Studio itself but more about how much your other students are allocating time for this.

    Usually, I work a lot, weekends included (when I have gigs). I try to find time also for learning and be “in the mood”

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can organize my lessons and how much time should I allocate/how many modules should I make / day?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hey Irinel-Gabriel!

    It’s kind of a hard question, as everyone’s time schedule is so different!

    It’s a balancing act of getting life things done, while also trying to make time for music (and learn how to make music).

    But a trick I used to do was try to make time in my schedule to be able to make beats.. such as if I had to work as well as do an errand.. I’d try to do it maybe right after work, so when the weekend came, I’d have more time.

    When watching the courses, they are designed to be able to watch through, and give you step-by-step insight.

    You will see my teaching style is not to copy or follow me, but to learn how things work in music production and FL Studio (like how does an EQ work.. or how to program MIDI Notes).

    So to answer your question, when you are first starting, I suggest you spend more time in the courses than actually getting hands on.  Once you have understood the basics, then you should be getting hands on and trying things yourself AFTER you watch a video, as that will give you the best results…

    I hope this answer is sufficient.. but it’s truly a hard question to answer for someone else!

    The videos are there to help you learn FAST, and if you follow my COURSE PATHWAYS in order, then you’ll learn A LOT faster.

    Again, make sure to try things hands-on yourself to truly learn how to make beats as a beginner for yourself!

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