Learning to play the keys on my midi controller

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    Hey there another question.  I also want to learn how to play simple chords and melodies.  Which course would you recommend to start off.

    I saw a couple of worship artist referring to learning how to play a controller on with single keys with one hand to create something.  thoughts.


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    Hey Adam!  My Piano Lessons for Producers is designed to teach you how to play piano for music production.

    It will teach you improvisation, catchy melody making, and how chords and notes work for piano beatmaking.

    In terms of the one hand point you mentioned.. not sure about that..

    I’d recommend learning piano with both hands.

    The beatmaking process usually goes like this:

    1. First melody is with both hands
    2. Other melodies are usually just one hand
    3. The odd time you will keep using both hands for melodies

    The biggest thing is understanding how chord progressions work (and how to make powerful chords).

    Piano Lessons for Producers is designed to teach you all that stuff.. I hope you will be impressed with the information in that training!

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