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    Hey Riley would like to know if i install a VST to (outside of my music production folder) but save a preset from said VST to (inside music production folder) – say to a project folder within should it in future remember the save location automatically?
    Or is this bad practice?


    Yes, I know some plugins have very large libraries (mainly orchestra and ROMpler-styled VSTs)..

    Many times these plugins allow you to store the library on a different disk, so I don’t see anything wrong with that!

    Personally, I’d say create a folder within your music production folder for your presets. Then you can simply “clone” them into their proper location that synths require.

    You will know exactly where your banks/presets are, and you’d only have to clone if you move to a new computer, etc.

    I think that’d work well for the light-weight files that many synths have in the .fxp and .fxb format, as we’re talking kB (very small).

    But for larger libraries, if it allows you to store the library in another location, there’s nothing wrong with that!


    Wow thanks for the quick reply had just finished editing when i saw you already replied lol!!


    Haha, no prob! I happened to be right there when you asked!

    (For those that don’t know, I teach how to set up a custom music production folder for FL Studio which is easy to backup. It’s inside my A Specific Music Production Folder course.)

    Thanks for your question, Dan!

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