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    I don’t want to get caught up into having one of your techs, roaming around my computer, I just want to get the version 2 and not just these stock M-AUDIO files that you sold me.


    Inside the “OXYGEN-PRO” folder, there’s two folders:


    DEFAULT-VERSION is Version 1.  It’s included in case a user just wants the Oxygen Pro setup in FL Studio, but doesn’t want the drum pads to change VST Presets.

    PRESET-VERSION is Version 2, and allows for changing VST Presets from drum pads (for VSTs that support it).

    Please use the HELP INSTRUCTIONS located in the .txt files of folders.  (They’re very in-depth!)

    Here’s installation and usage instructions for M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset:


    These are not stock files.  They are custom presets which you can download and install to get up and running in FL Studio in less than a minute.

    Version 2 now includes a premium MIDI Script.  (Only required if using the new PRESET-VERSION files).

    For others reading, view the Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template here.

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