I bought Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones 250 ohms

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    Can you use them with laptop without a headphone amp?

    Would you use a “”headphone amp” with them? Have no idea on how to pick one, if needed.

    What is the ohm stuff?

    How do I pick the right “headphone amp” for them?

    Last, I plan on using them for mixing and mastering because speakers and all the room prep seems to pricey for me at this time.

    And is this worth getting or a gimmick: https://storeus.sonarworks.com/collections/soundid-reference

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    Hey great questions!

    I’m actually not very knowledgeable regarding headphones and amplifiers.  I’d suggest doing some reading, but I’ll tell you what I do.

    Headphones have a different impedance like 80Ohmz or 250Ohmz.  The higher this impedance, the more power required to drive the headphones to a good loudness so the speakers can perform best.

    An 80Ohm headphone version is good for cellphones, as it does not need too strong of an amplifier to be really loud.

    Your 250Ohm headphones will probably need an amplifier, but I just use my audio interface, personally.

    Do you have an audio interface yet?

    And for the room correction software, I have tried this type of software in previous years and didn’t get the best results with it.  I’m sure it has improved in recent years, and it’s now even starting to be built into new speakers coming out.

    In my opinion, there’s really no better solution than good acoustic treatment properly done.

    This type of software is then good to analyzer and correct even further (after your acoustic treatment – and this is not just cheap foam on the walls 🙂)


    “Do you have an audio interface yet?”

    I have an older discontinued AudioBox I bought used from Guitar Center. Its nice and built out of metal. However, don’t know what the microphone preamp(s) compare to the Focursite, as mentioned in your courses about equipment and gear.

    I plugged the headphones in to it and no volume increase. Same as laptop.

    And I spent money on a Behringer Micro Mon MA40 for under 50 bucks. I didn’t know all that stuff about sensitivity and ohms so it was a wee bit louder, but think I need a more powerful headphone amp. I wish I knew this before getting the headphones because getting a headphone amp is a “surprise fee” like you get at the hospital. Haha

    I am tempted to say I don’t have to have the amp, but everything I read says you need one. However, I do have to keep the amp I bought cranked all the way up.

    DAC: https://www.presonus.com/products/AudioBox-USB

    New Updated Model: https://www.presonus.com/products/AudioBox-USB-96


    “In my opinion, there’s really no better solution than good acoustic treatment properly done.”

    I agree that is true, but the reason I was looking at the headphone approach is because I live in an apartment. The neighbors tend to have “micro ears” and complain a lot if they hear a mosquito river-dancing in your kitchen. 😛

    I have an Presonis Audiobox older model that didn’t change the volume. Same as laptop volume.

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    Ya the problem is the 250 Ohm version of the headphones require too much power than your device can give it!  That’s why it’s not very loud.

    If you’re within your return period, I’d say get the 80 Ohm versions to make the most of your money at the moment.

    If you look at the “Tech Specs”, your audio interface says “60 mW/Ch @ 60Ω Load” which seems for a lot of “consumer” type headphones.  (Even the new version of it has the same specs!)

    I’m not able to help you too much for the headphone stuff, as I don’t know the technical stuff of impedance etc.

    My audio interface at the moment is wall-powered + usb connected, so I get TONS of gain for my needs (almost too much!)

    Sorry I can’t be of more help here, but the issue is the 250 Ohm headphones.  If you can get 80 Ohm or lower, you’ll hear your audio much louder!


    They said High Impedence headphones that are 250 – 600 Ohms are best for studio and getting an overall balanced sound.

    The low impedence headphones 80 or less in Ohms are more for private music listening. Also, the amps for gaming will have bass boost or gain options.

    And I noticed they called the amp I bought a class A.

    The second 70 some amp was claimed by a user review to pair well with mine. I figured I would do the budget one for now to see if it is all I need. Less money better.

    Also, one type of amp has a power supply type input, another type uses USB and some even charge on laptops or with a power supply usb adaptor to plug in the wall.

    That is enough information for me. Haha


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    Thanks for sharing your research.

    As mentioned, the easiest solution is to get an audio interface with respectable powered headphone amps.

    Always be very careful with headphone and earbud volume.  Since the speakers are very close to your ears, you may not realize you’re causing hearing damage, compared to speakers (and even then, always be cautious of long-listening at loud levels).

    I hope the best with your choice here!

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