Best Virtual Instruments for Music Production?

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    can you recommend a few third party virtual instruments. I saw that you use nexus in one of the courses. are there any others. I know there is omnisphere as another. what other one do you recommend? thank you.

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    Hey Adam!

    I would highly recommend watching the Recommended Virtual Instruments video in my How to Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1 course.

    What I explain in the FL Studio Course is that I try to use FL Studio Stock Plugins as much as possible, so that:

    • The plugin will typically have the longest compatibility (sometimes plugin companies shut down or sell-out)
    • It’s not extra weight on the computer in terms of hard drive space, and doesn’t cost anything extra to me
    • All FL Studio users can follow along, as it’s a stock plugin (sometimes FL Studio Versions like Producer / Signature come with different plugins, but I still consider those as “native FL Studio plugins).

    I try to keep my third-party plugins very selective, for a few reasons:

    • I learn the plugins I use really well
    • I save A LOT OF MONEY
    • Use less space on my hard drive

    For third-party plugins, I really like when companies offer an .exe file that you install, and you just use a simple license code to activate the plugin..

    A lot of VST Companies are using a software portal you install onto your computer in order to access their music software.. I think this is annoying, as it’s extra software on the computer (bloat).

    Watch the video with the link above, as you are a member!  Within the course I share my recommended mixing plugins, and my recommended virtual instrument plugins.

    I would be cautious on what you’re buying right now in terms of VSTs as you are new, and it’d be wiser to learn the tools you have within your DAW before jumping into anything too heavy..

    You can learn about the ROMpler Nexus and FLEX here.

    I really like Nexus as the sound design is great for beatmakers, and it’s pretty lightweight on the CPU.  (You only need the starter version, and maybe a couple add-ons over the years.. being careful of not getting too many sequence/loop sounds).

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