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    Would you pick digital pre amps over hardware preamps under 1k

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    Hey Anthony! Thanks for the question!

    I try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to music production hardware.

    My website is all about BEATMAKING while using a MIDI Keyboard and Virtual Instruments.
    So for the most part, I’m mostly software based with my productions.

    However, we producers obviously need some music hardware like Speakers, Microphones, Audio Interfaces, etc.

    I have not tried anything overly expensive, so cannot truly say if “it’s worth it”.

    At the moment, I’m just on a Mackie BIG KNOB Studio for any connectivity into my computer.

    I also have a couple affordable single-channel pre-amps to power my microphones a bit cleaner, and have more control over the audio signal.

    I need further clarification of your question though.. what are you using the pre-amps for? Are you using microphones to record vocals, are you plugging in direct with a guitar?

    Let me know!


    I got you hardware tough.. Would you be down to check a song out..?

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    I answered your other question about beat feedback at this link >>

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