What I Once Worshipped - Lyrics

The Light to My Dark - Album by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)


Verse 1:
As I sit back and take a look at my life,
All these thoughts come from the life I used to live,
So I look to my Father, ask Him for His help,
To pull me through, another dark moment of my life,
All these women, the things I did,
On the spiral to hell is what I once worshipped,
All the lusts of the world, trying to fit in,
Until the giver of life stepped in,
Showed me a brand new way to live,
With pure morals, and to the poor we should give,
So I empty out my wallet even if it’s just pennies,
Cause you want my heart, not just these pennies,
Money is nothing, it’s a matter of my heart,
I wish I knew this from the start…

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