How to Add Vocal Effects in FL Studio

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    great lesson last night. I learned a ton.  Hey, once I get my vocals in FL I would like to use some voice tone effects. thoughts?

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    Hey Adam!

    Can you explain further by what you mean with voice tone effects?

    When you route your audio to a mixer insert in FL Studio, you can then add mixing VST Plugins onto the vocal, and start creating your own vocal chain.

    You can add in plugins like EQ’s, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, or things like Chorus, Distortion and more!

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    So I am using two plugins call little alterboy from soundtoys and Wavebender. to pitch and formant the vocals

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    Ya those are called vocal effects!

    If you recall from our lesson, I was breaking down how to route your audio around in the FL Studio mixer for Series and Parallel Processing.

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