Timing and beats per minute.

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    Can you tell me where I can learn how to have the lyrics and beats all match up with the metronome I don’t have any latency so much as I probably don’t know how to sync up the vocals with my beats.

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    Hey Adam, is your question asking,

    “How to align vocals on beat after recording?”

    With your powerful CPU, yes, latency will be very minimal.

    To quickly align vocals on grid in FL Studio, just hold ALT and drag.  It breaks free from the snap, and you can just align them as needed.

    Sometimes you may also need to cut audio, too.  So you can do that with ALT + SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK.  This way, when you chop audio, you only move the audio that needs to be aligned, while leaving the other audio in place.

    It’s also useful to align just one word here and there.  Simply chop, align, and you’re good to go!

    Is this the question you are asking?  Please clarify!


    Cool I’ll try all that maybe give me some direction in terms of how I need to be recording vocals for the kids Bible program.

    Typically I just record with no instruments, with the tune in my head, and try to keep the timing.

    What is the workflow for recording audio? And is it possible to hear the drums, chords and melodies while I’m recording?

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    Hey Adam, this is very bad practice, and will cause you so much extra work once you get into actually putting the song together in regards to mixing music, your song’s arrangement, and getting things to line up.

    If you choose to record without any audio, you at least should be recording over a metronome at the tempo of the song.  If you don’t record vocals at the song’s tempo, your timing will not line up, and you’ll have to do LOTS of cutting of the vocals, rather than just slight nudging here and there.

    To hear your whole song while recording vocals in FL Studio, you just need to hit record, arm a mixer insert, then hit play in SONG MODE.

    If any of that confuses you, let me know!

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