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    What’s up Gratuitous,

    I’ve been very interested in manipulating my sounds more, but I don’ t quite understand what each button actually does. For example, I might select a Kick, left click and the box for that sound appears, then you have options for sample setting, envelope settings, etc.

    I didn’t see a session in your courses on the breakdown of this tool. Can you provide that to us? I am reading the manual, but you know how that goes 🙂


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    Hey man! – Okay, you bet. Added to the list.

    Holding off on courses for a little bit while setting things up in the back-end. Courses will start flowing soon once organized; will make the whole process much easier for everyone.

    Open to any course ideas in addition to this question!

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    Yo, but what was your specific questions about the Channel Sampler?

    Like how to use the ADSR controls and stuff?


    Yes. that’s it.

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