Song/Beat structure labels.

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    Hi Riley.
    A quick question on song structure. Do you ever use labels/markers at the top of the playlist to structure out the song. Such as; intro, verse, pre-chorus… ,etc? I see them used on some of the FL Demos and wondered would they be useful as a newbie for making a song?


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    Hey man!

    In my own experience, I’ve tried using them here and there just to see how they work, but I’ve never implemented them myself.

    Personally I think it pulls you away from the mindset of finishing the song.

    If you’d like to go back and add them in at a later date, you can, but typically you know where your chorus is because it’s USUALLY all instruments in the track (many of mine are).

    So I typically use my CHORUS as a reference of where I am in the song.

    Then simply use CTRL + Scroll Wheel within the Playlist to zoom in and out to move to other parts of the song.

    My main organization is typically just in the Channel Rack of labelling instruments, coloring stuff, and having all that stuff linked in the mixer as well.

    Besides that, I think it’s overkill and you can use your time on more valuable things… like making another beat! 😎



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